Brief Profile: Marius Oosthuizen

Marius Oosthuizen is a strategist, entrepreneur and futurist. He holds a Master of Strategic Foresight with Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA.

After being selected as a Rotary International Exchange Student to Canada, Marius spent ten years in the non-profit sector and in civil society formations, where he held various positions, including; head of project management and executive board memberships.

He is an experienced lecturer and public speaker, and teaches in the areas of strategic foresight and anticipatory management, scenario planning, leadership and strategy, ethics and systems thinking.

He is the program manager for the Future of Business in South Africa Project, in the Centre for Business Analysis and Research at GIBS. The project researches the future of key industries and sectors within the South African economy, within the larger context of political and social change taking place nationally, regionally and globally.

Marius enjoys working with leaders from across the private sector, public sector and civil society, helping them think strategically about the future. He is the principle at CUSP Consulting (Pty) Ltd. where he offers organizational development and training interventions, research and policy analysis.

Marius Oosthuizen – Faculty, Researcher
Strategic Foresight, Leadership & Ethics
The Future of Business in South Africa Project

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