OPPORTUNITY: GIBS Dialogue Invitation – “Where should the SA NGO sector focus its energy?”


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The GIBS/ Tshikululu Dialogue Series in collaboration with the J&J Development Projects Trust hosts a dialogue on the following topic:“Powerful Actions – Where should the South African NGO sector focus its energy?”

A robust, independent and effective civil society is a fundamental building block for a truly free, fair and transparent democracy. Our victory over the repression of apartheid was won through the efforts of a loose group of organisations that helped change systems and place apartheid under pressure.

But do our non-profit organisations still hold this position locally and globally; do they still have the ear of governments across the world? The perception is that money is wasted, high salaries are being paid and inconceivable processes plague the operations of non-profit organisations.

So, what should our non-profit organisations do for a future of self-sustainability, shared value and social entrepreneurship?

Join Jay Naidoo (J&J Development Projects Trust), Mark Heywood (Section 27) and Danny Sriskandarajah (CIVICUS) for an enlightening discussion on the role that the NGO sector should play in South Africa’s development.

Dialogue Details

Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2013
Time: 17:45 – 19:30 followed by a cocktail and

networking event
Venue: GIBS, 26 Melville Road, Illovo, Sandton
Contact: Kamogelo Seripe on 011 771 4142 or

email seripek

Please note that this is a free event.

Monday, 27 May 2013
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Some of the artists at GIBS during Art Week give us insight into their creative processes and take on originality. Brand Pretorius, non-executive director on the boards of many companies including the ABSA group and author of, “In the Driving Seat – Lessons in Leadership” on effective leadership.
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